А вот моя страничка на G+, лайкаем!

воскресенье, 5 апреля 2009 г.

Студентам должно быть интересно

Dear Friends:

The USA/USA Program helps gifted students from Ukraine earn full four year college scholarships.  As part of this process, we also help younger Ukrainian students earn scholarships to prep schools around the world in preparation to college entry.

I am enclosing information about the USA/USA Seminar 2009.  

If you have any questions do not hesitate to write.

Thank you for your attention. 

Bohdan A. Oryshkevich
Founder, USA/USA Program
New York 

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копируйте и репостите, если надо, но авторство и ссылку на оригинал оставляйте. ДД