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вторник, 26 мая 2009 г.

DFJ и CISCO объявили конкурс технологических проектов.

С призом в 250к баксов инвестиций. Саша Гуревич прислал описание. В интернете есть информация только на Индию, но украинцев и россиян туда допускают тоже.
У меня лежит описание, правила и форма заявки в pdf - вышлю по запросу. Только надо торопиться - времени там маловато осталось. Буду благодарен за репостинг.

Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) is back with a new business plan contest, a global one in collaboration with Cisco Systems (CISCO), called the DFJ-CISCO Global Business Plan Competition. 16 finalists will be chosen from 10-12 countries and the winner will take home $250,000 in seed stage funding. The contest is specifically aimed at aspiring student entrepreneurs. The last date for submission of applications is June 12.

Here are some of the eligibility features of the contest:

  • Teams must comprise of one of more people. Three quarters of the presenting team members must be students.
  • Student (s) must hold a key leadership role in the formation and operation of the business.
  • Student teams may compete only once.
  • Teams that have already formed entities that have accepted a preferred equity investment from an institutional investor or have received more than $500,000 in financing may not apply.
  • Student teams are encouraged to seek faculty support. However, faculty support is not a requisite.
  • The judges will be representatives from DFJ, the DFJ Network and CISCO. The same persons will judge all teams throughout the day.
  • DFJ and CISCO will consider management, addressable market size, competitive positioning, barriers, capital efficiency, financial projections, and achievements to date in selecting participants and winners.

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