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понедельник, 8 августа 2011 г.

Хорошая возможность запустить стартап из Прибалтики

Наши партнеры запускают программу инкубатора. У ребят очень серьезный подход. Очень хорошие менторы. Настоятельно рекомендую. Ссылка на меня в заявке будет большим плюсом при отборе. Отберут 7-10 стартапов из региона. Ниже детали:

The StartupHighway program is a unique opportunity for Ukrainian startups to enter the European markets with their businesses. The program will take place in Vilnius (Lithuania), a city which has all the necessary infrastructure for tech-businesses and is a fairly cheap place to live in (with 500EUR/month you can sustain a good living). Teams selected to participate in StartupHighway will also receive a lot of help with relocating to Lithuania and with all visa issues.
StartupHighway is 13 week business acceleration program for businesses that want to expand globally. All participants will receive up to 14.000 EUR in funding, business advice from an international network of over 70 international mentors and access to essential resources for starting up (such as office space, hosting, legal advice, etc.). Applicants can vary from a very early stage start-up to a profitable business. StartupHighway will end with two investor days (one in Lithuania, another one in one of Europe’s VC capitals), where teams would present their start-ups to some of the most prominent early-stage start-up investors in Europe.
No business plan is needed to apply to the program, startups just need to fill in a 20 question online questionnaire (LINK). The deadline for applications is August 15. If you have any questions, the founders of StartupHighway are ready to answer them via email (team@stratuphighway.com).
Mentors are listed at http://startuphighway.com/en/mentors. Among the program’s mentors there are people such as investor Allan Martinson (founder and former CEO of Baltic News Service, DELFI, MicroLink, SAF Technika among others), serial entrepreneur Jochen Dopelhaimer (former CEO of Simyo Spain and now CEO & Founder of Yuilop mobile service) or Goncalo Saudade (Founder of several internet startups, including the largest Portuguese e-commerce platform ClubeFashion.com and the first global online 3D arts gallery ArtChezMoi.com).
StartupHighway is co-founded and run by experienced business professionals and has a board of advisors composed of very experienced professionals (http://startuphighway.com/en/team). “I do witness an immense potential for new innovative business ideas in Central and Eastern Europe. I have seen many interesting startups and very competent teams applying to various accelerator programs in Western Europe I have been involved in. I am glad to see that StartupHighway has concentrated the resources required for unleashing this potential of multiple success stories,” said John Bradford, the founder of several European top accelerator programs and advisor of StartupHighway

Подробнее на сайте http://startuphighway.com

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  1. Кстати, я обсуждал эту инициативу с одним из этих 70 экспертов (ребята и правда круты) - там все очень серьезно. Рекомендую подать заявки.

  2. А щоб послатись на тебе в заявці, бажано показати проект тобі?

  3. звучит действительно очень интересно! всем успехов!


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