А вот моя страничка на G+, лайкаем!

четверг, 4 августа 2011 г.

Детектив прошлой зимы с нечеловеческим квестом попал в Паблик :)

They remade the animated model as Talking Tom Cat. Altogether, the project took two months to complete. When Outfit7 launched the app, it immediately took off. Nabergoj joined full time and scrambled to track down the full rights to the animated model. On top of that, he wanted to find the person who created it. He made some inquiries and found out the creator was in Ukraine. He tried to track down the man by promising a couple of iPads to one of his friends if he could get information. The friend evidently turned to the former KGB intelligence agency — and it worked. Within a day, Nabergoj got hold of the man and eventually hired him.


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