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пятница, 16 ноября 2012 г.

Yes! Latest news from AmBAR!

AmBAR Press Release

Submitted on Thu, 11/15/2012 - 16:35

Nov. 15, 2012 – Palo Alto, California

On behalf of AmBAR, I am pleased to announce that AmBAR’s litigation with its former directors Anna Dvornikova and Stas Khirman has been resolved amicably.

In connection with this resolution, I would like to express our sincere regret to Ms. Anna Dvornikova, Mr. Stas Khirman, Ms. Vera Shokina and the whole AmBAR community that this litigation has occurred. During this litigation, AmBAR made statements about honesty and integrity of Ms. Dvornikova, Mr. Khirman, and Ms. Shokina. We regret making such statements and for any pain or damage they may have caused. In particular, it was not correct that AmBAR obtained a $1.2 million default judgment against Ms. Dvornikova and Mr. Khirman. That statement was based on an erroneous report by AmBAR’s legal counsel of how the court had ruled.

AmBAR had also filed a claim against Ms. Dvornikova’s husband, Dr. Ilya Strebulaev, which was unjustified. Although AmBAR dismissed the claim within 5 days, we express our regret to Dr. Strebulaev for any damage it may have caused.

AmBAR is grateful for the significant contributions that Ms. Dvornikova, Mr. Khirman and Ms. Shokina have made to AmBAR’s success as a premier networking organization for Russian-speaking entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, engineers, lawyers and other professionals in Silicon Valley.

AmBAR appreciates Mr. Khirman’s and Ms. Dvornikova’s agreement to step in as the new members of AmBAR’s board of directors, and is happy to announce that Ms. Dvornikova has been appointed as the new President of AmBAR, with Mr. Kunov remaining on as a Vice President and a Director. AmBAR reiterates its regret that these contributions, as well as AmBAR’s mission, were disrupted by the subsequent conflict and the litigation. AmBAR looks forward to rededicating itself to promoting entrepreneurship and business investment by the Russian-speaking business community in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Dr. Andrey Kunov, President

American Association of Russian Business Professionals (AmBAR), Inc.

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