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среда, 21 ноября 2012 г.

Хорошая вакансия, хороший челендж!

Creative Marketing
We are two partners - Ivan and Peter.
We both know everything about technology design, how to make a great consumer software.
But we need a 3-rd partner. This might be you!

Who do we need:
Creative Marketologist with a knowledge of Mac/PC desktop and iOS software marketing is needed in an international company launching 2 projects (1 for Mobile market, 1 for desktop market). Location: preferably US (CA)
In general: we have many technologies to promote product, but we need somebody to organize all marketing activity here.
Target: launch 3 major products (1 Mac OS X, 1 iOS, 1 Mac+Win, 1 Mac+Win)
Interest of the applicant: candidate will receive a competitive salary in thousands of dollars. If the strategy succeed - share option and full equal partnership.
This is your lucky day!
Interested - email to dofton@iig-global.com (Peter) and we will arrange e meeting or Skype Call for the interview.

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