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вторник, 12 апреля 2011 г.

Bravoavia is hiring

Web 2.0 Marketing Expert

Bravoavia is a highly innovative project in the online tourism field: the best consumer service technologies, combining into a single application all the functions for finding, selecting and booking a flight at the best possible price.

Bravoavia is looking for a marketing expert that will manage the keyword advertising: a Yandex Direct and Google AdWords expert.
Bravoavia target all the CIS but mostly concentrate on Russia and Ukraine market. For this reason a great expertise on Yandex Direct is required.
The person will work in Kiev. There might be an initial training period of circa 2/3 weeks at our Swiss offices to work with the main team.

The person we are looking for should have the following skills:
1 - really good English reading/writing
2 - good English speaking
3 - proper Russian speaking
4 - experience in Yandex Direct
5 - experience in Google Adwords
6 - experience in creating Ads and keywords
7 - experience in working with long-tail keywords
8 - experience in configuring and setting up Google analytics

His/her task will be:
1 - define a CPA and trying to generate as many leads as possible with an acquisition cost below the agreed CPA
2 - manage all the online CPC advertisement activities on search engines
3 - manage all the online CPC advertisement activities on social network
4 - manage all the online CPC advertisement activities on affiliate network and targeted websites (travel / tourism)
5 - produce weekly reports / stats from acquisition on the different channels

Resume in English should be sent to Igor Semenov at i.semenov [at] taventure.com

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