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четверг, 10 сентября 2009 г.

Uprise App захайрил взрослого бордиста

Uprise Apps would like to announce changes in its management team.

Eric Korb (LinkedIn profile) has recently appointed the Uprise Apps Board of Directors. Eric will also heading up our initiatives in North America, where we expect to establish a formal presence by Q'1 2010 to support marketing, sales and customer service to End Users and Alternate Channel Partners.

Eric is one the veteran of IT. He is known for his successes, leadership and a keen eye for technology; a true visionary, he has been founding high-tech companies since 1983.

There are couples of facts from Eric’s bio:

  • 6 successful high-tech start-ups since 1983, $19M - $1.0B
  • Raised $100m + (Private, Lockheed, GE)
  • Business operations, process, and communications expert
  • 24 years of high-tech product design, marketing & sales - $3b sales
  • E&Y Entrepreneur of Year – 1988 @ Age 28
  • BSIM – Krannert Business School, Purdue University, 1981

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