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вторник, 17 марта 2009 г.


 Нашел как переехать на блогспот. Плохо, что на блогспоте есть ограничение в 50 постов в сутки, тут всего постов 231 - значит 5 дней буду перезжать.

Новый адрес будет -

Решение нашлось
тут, рекомендую. 

В этом блоге буду только заголовки после переноса оставлять. Жалко, что комментарии пропадут.

Вот решение:

Saturday, September 29, 2007

LiveJournal to Blogger or Blogger to LiveJournal or to/from Wordpress blog migration tool (Blog2Blog)


Last year I built a little tool that migrated blogs from LiveJournal to Blogger. It was aptly named lj2blogger. Today is the release of version 2.4

I've recently extended it to be able to move blogs from LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress and publish to LiveJournal, Blogger, Windows Live Spaces, WordPress. This means you can move your blog to a new blog name or clone it.

Time to rename the tool, subsequently, it is now called Blog2Blog. Possibly further blogging systems will be integrated in later versions.

This is now a .NET 2.0 Application.

Download Blog2Blog ( updated April 4, 2008)

ATTENTION: Noted added Oct, 9, 2008
Users with trouble (0 entries downloaded/exceptions/etc) downloading blogspot.com blogs:

We've identified a bug in the latest google feeds and client libraries. (http://groups.google.com/group/bloggerDev/browse_thread/thread/6fa01659eb21b0d for deep details)

Basically as a work-around, you need to put the blogger.com feed SOURCE-API-URL. To find this you will need to view the html source of your blog and look for the string that will contain "service.post" it will contain a URL like:

That is the URL you'll need for the SOURCE-API-URL or DEST-API-URL

Recently added:
* Fixed regression in saving journals to disk (empty titles would crash application).Version

* Fixed Blogger fetching of large journals 500 entries or greater
* Added Blogger (only) Label fetching and publishing

* Publishing to Microsoft's live spaces.
* Fetching from and publishing to WordPress.
* Delete All for Wordpress, LiveJournal, Blogger.
* Subject Title fix for Livejournal
* More description in LiveJournal errors.

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