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четверг, 17 сентября 2015 г.

Ищем толпу людей на проект. Проект интересный!

Communication Gurus Wanted for SVOD Europe Conference
Remote job

GrowthUP is looking for young and ambitious people with good communication skills (both verbal and written) to be part of SVOD Europe conference team.

Required Skills:
acting as a team player
effective communication
problem-solving and resourcefulness
accepting feedback
creative thinking
Fluent and proper English is a must!

Our Offer
Under the supervision of the experienced members of our team you will be responsible for contacts with experts, opinion and community leaders, startups, media from all over the world promoting our event and providing required assistance to the participants of the event. Each person will have a bunch of countries from Eastern Europe to build the strong liaisons with and to ensure that we reach every relevant person in the target geographies.

We are looking for candidates ready to start working with us remotely from October 1. The work will require your part-time (response within an hour) involvement during 4 months.

Why Join
As GrowthUP holds dozens of events all over the world this is a great opportunity to join the team and be a part of something global and meaningful.

About SVOD Europe
The SVOD Europe conference allows tech leaders from Eastern Europe to connect with their counterparts from more established tech ecosystems in an attempt to help entrepreneurship to flourish in this region. The history of SVOD conference began in 2005, when the well-known boutique conference Silicon Valley Open Doors (SVOD) first connected startups and entrepreneurs with high-profile investors, founders, CEOs, and other leaders in Silicon Valley. We are bringing Eastern Europe, Western Europe and US together.

What's Next
Those who find this interesting and challenging please contact as@growthup.com for more details.

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