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пятница, 28 декабря 2012 г.

О пользе длинных стратегий.

Когда два года назад Стаса, Аню и Веру некрасиво пнули из Ambar, большинство "наших" (имеется в виду тех, кто был причастен к тусовке Ambar-SVOD), заняло позицию от "утопим тонущего" до "это их дела, пусть разбираются". Некоторые в России и Украине, заняли позицию "ну нам нужен вход в Долину, пока они будут там разбираться, мы будем работать с теми, кто у руля, мы работаем не с людьми, а с организацией".

Не секрет, что кроме активного участия в Ambar и SVOD, со Стасом и Аней меня связывала дружба, в период с 2005 по 2010 год они стали почти частью моей семьи.

В 2010 году я был вынужден дать публичные комментарии на тему того, почему я не еду на СВОД 2010 и про мое отношение к ситуации. Свою позицию я не скрывал, за что получал советы "это не твоя война". Некоторые украинские активисты начали активно сотрудничать с новым руководством Ambar (кто по не знанию, кто просто забил, считая что сиюминутная выгода важнее), благодаря чему в узких калифорнийских и киевских кругах было пару скандалов с вовлечением крупных украинских и глобальных компаний.

Ну и как всегда, поддержка людей, которым веришь, оказалась самой правильной стратегией.

Теперь все позади, справедливость восстановлена и теперь приятно читать вот такие новости:

Dear Friends,
As you might know, I recently agreed to return to AmBAR to take over its leadership. Many of you remember AmBAR’s life from 2005 to 2010, when with your help and the help of my close friends and colleagues, Stas Khirman and Vera Shokina, we managed to transform a no-name organization into a world wide-known international community of Russian-speaking professionals.
Thousands of people participated in AmBAR’s activities. In cooperation with the TEC Club, AmBAR helped make Silicon Valley Open Doors (SVOD) one of the most successful technology investment conferences focusing on Russia and Eastern Europe. We attracted many top-notch sponsors and distinguished speakers. In 2010, together with RUSNANO, we led a delegation of 20 managing partners from top venture capital firms with over $60B under management to meet with Dmitry Medvedev, then the President of Russia, and explore the venture community and business environment in Russia. We hosted President Medvedev in Silicon Valley and were the initiators of the Russian Innovation Center, which today successfully operates on Sand Hill Road. Several funds aimed at Russia were formed as a result of our activities, multiple companies were funded, and these are only some of the results we have achieved.
Unfortunately, after we left AmBAR two years ago, its activity level severely declined and the organization has been nearly ruined.
I hope that all of you share my strong and passionate belief that an association that supports Russian-speaking professionals abroad is an extremely valuable asset to its members. We have returned to rebuild AmBAR for the benefit of everyone in our community, and INVITE YOU TO JOIN US!
AmBAR is a community organization, and only the community can bring it back to life! Hence, we need YOUR help and support to turn AmBAR around and return it back into a vibrant dynamic organization.

YOUR IDEAS. We welcome your fresh, “out of the box” ideas. Share your vision, wishes, and suggestions as to how AmBAR can develop, expand and flourish over the next several years. Please send your thoughts directly to me at advornikova@gmail.com.
YOUR TIME. We are building a vibrant Russian-speaking network and environment around it. This requires a creative, energetic, and smart leadership team. If you would like to become a part of our team - to have an eventful life, put your ideas to work, meet interesting people, grow in your career, and enrich your life along the way – join us! In particular, we are looking for: event management, marketing, administration, fundraising, and PR professionals.
YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT. To build a successful organization for the benefit of our community, we have to be financially sustainable. If you are a service provider or owner/founder of a successful company, please let us know what we can do for you to promote your business, or if you are a dedicated member or supporter, we would be most grateful for your monetary contribution to our honorable cause. We’ll gladly discuss any forms of mutually beneficial cooperation.
Please stay tuned on our website, LinkedIn and Facebook pages (below are the links). We’ll get back to you very soon with information about our events and activities.
We wish you all Happy Holidays, success, love, and health in the New Year. With you, the sky is NOT the limit!
Always yours,
Anna S. Dvornikova
President, AmBAR

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