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воскресенье, 14 октября 2012 г.


Senior QA Automation Engineer в GetGoing, Inc. ($3 000) 
We are looking for an experienced QA engineer who is an expert in developing and executing automated tests and is capable of determining root causes of issues found. A successful candidate will rely on both automated and manual testing and will communicate issues, risks and test status in a timely and detailed manner.
Other desiderata:
- Knowledge of python and Javascript
- Experience with test automation tools. Knowledge of Casper.js and Selenium
- WebDriver is a big plus.
- Comfortable with Linux

Senior Back-End Engineer - Python в GetGoing, Inc. ($3 300)
We are looking for an experienced engineer who is interested in travel, writes elegant code, knows when to worry (and when not to worry) about performance, and follows software development best practices including test-driven development, code reviews, and documenting.
Other desiderata:
- Passion for building simple and scalable systems
- Command of Python. Java is a plus. Experience with Django
- Experience with Javascript
- Comfortable with Linux
- Database (SQL and NoSQL) knowledge is a plus
- Analytical with strong problem solving skills and attention to detail

Contact: Ilya Gluhovsky, 1-415-525-4516

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