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четверг, 3 ноября 2011 г.

TA Venture is inviting PHP DEVELOPERS

TA Venture is inviting PHP DEVELOPERS to join development team of startup projects.

We are offering great opportunity to acquire experience, unbind your potential.

We are building high load projects with enormous focus on usability.

We are looking for disciplined, open-minded, responsible and proactive developers.

The technical requirements are:

  • PHP, MySQL, HTML+Javascript+CSS
  • Knowing any other programming language is an advantage (Java, C++, assembler :) whatever)
  • Any other outstanding experience is also advantage!
  • You must be passionate about development (!!!!) and get pleasure from making things well
  • If you don't have much experience, but have appropriate mind set and are open, we can be your springboard for professional growth, don't be shy!

We offer:

  • Decent salary
  • Supportive and warm environment
  • Collaboration with professionals from whom you can learn a lot
  • Projects to which you can devote your knowledge
  • Office in the city center, with own kitchen and lounge room
Please send your CV with subject PHPDevCV to hr@taventure.com

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