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понедельник, 17 мая 2010 г.

#sctest 14


How is Internet changing traditional offline businesses? How offline adapts? What are the opportunities and trends that drive this change? We're going to feature exclusive insights from the retail, media, finance and other companies in Ukraine.
Andriy Kolodyuk (Chairman, Aventures),
Michael Laptev (VP, ITC Publishing),
Pavel Sidelev (Owner, Payment Systems)
and others shall share their experiences and spark the discussion.

Besides, the following presentations shall be crash tested:
SuperDeal.com.ua - a group discount supersale service;
Drivernotes.com.ua - a records and recommendation service for your auto;
Vasart.com.ua - bank deposit auctions platform.

About: Startup Crash Test was established in 2009 as a series of events in Kiev aimed to stress test selected software startups’ market strategy, business model, distribution, roadmap, etc. Organized by UA Startup Group it is anticipated to gather a wide range of startup professionals to provide presenting startups with practical feedback and advise. At the same time such venue serves as a screening and investment vehicle for local angels thus creating opportunities for both investment and entrepreneurial community. SCT is held on last Friday each month and features some of the brightest emerging software companies in Ukraine. Each time 2-4 startups have their 15 min of fame on stage followed by 10 min Q&A. In addition to the startup presentations, we’re assembling a line up of panel speakers to spark lively discussion and debate on numerous issues of creating startup value. The admission is free of charge.
And dont forget to check out sctest.org website for more info....

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