А вот моя страничка на G+, лайкаем!

четверг, 6 августа 2009 г.

Исключительно полезная статья про ПР для стартапа


#1 – Understand You’re Not the Only Story in Town
#2 – Pick the Right Person/Team to Lead PR
#3 – You are the Company Brand
#4 – Identify Your Markets and the People Who Matter
#5 – Create a Launch Plan
#6 – No Two Bloggers or Journalists are Created Equal
#7 – Determine What Success Looks Like and How to Measure It
#8- Make the News Newsworthy
#9 – Become or Identify an Incredible Spokesperson
#10 – Your Company Blog is More Powerful Than You May Think
#11 – Bloggers Relations Extends from the “A-List” to the Magic Middle
#12 – Follow the Conversations and Participate in Them
#12.5 – Answer Customer Service Emails and Calls

Ничего нового, но все в одном месте. Кто не знает - полезно ознакомится, кто знает - вспомнить

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