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вторник, 2 июня 2009 г.

IDCEE Press Release

News Release: Executive Committee of Investor Day CEE conferences launched IDCEE 2009 set-up stage

Kiev, Ukraine - June 1st, 2009 – Today the Executive Committee of Investor Day CEE conference announced that a set-up stage of IDCEE 2009 has already started. IDCEE 2009 will take place on October 28-29 in Kyiv, Ukraine and has an ambition to become one of the most oustanding and must-attend start-up conferences in Europe.

What is IDCEE 2009?

IDCEE 2009 brings together and disseminates the ideas and knowledge of the world’s best start-ups and innovators with expertise and abilities of world’s leading angel investors and venture capitalists, through a top-class conference and expo, a broad selection of participative sessions, panels and keynotes, matchmaking events. IDCEE 2009 programme will be announced lately on IDCEE 2009 website – http://idcee.eu. 2nd year in a row IDCEE 2009 is partnering with SpotConference (ex BlogCamp CEE), which is a great advantage for the next generation networking and content exchange. IDCEE 2009 is an independent event, in contrast to an integrated one in 2008.

IDCEE 2009 is a 2-day conference and consists of:

1st day’s EXPO. The participants are 150 selected start-ups from CEE region (according to regional quotes). Only investors will be able to attend EXPO. Together with 150 general TMT start-ups, IDCEE 2009 will have LifeScience and BIOTech sections, 30 participating start-ups each. Also, start-ups will take a part in competition again, and this time - with a big prize fund! Start-ups winners will have an opportunity to hold their presentations on 2nd day.
IDCEE 2009 will gather approximately 150-200 investors participating in EXPO.

2nd day’s conference will gather 700 - 1000 participants and will consist of discussion panels and keynotes. A detailed program, speakers list and news releases will be presented on a conference website – http://idcee.eu.

What do we have so far?

IDCEE 2009 will take place on October 28-29, 2009 in ACCO International Exhibition Center, Kiev, Ukraine,.

The core team of Executive Committee is already completed with venture investments, technology, telecom and marketing professionals from Ukraine, Russia and the USA.

The registration has not been launched yet, though 32 start-ups representing 5 countries and 23 registered venture capitalists from 11 countries have already sent their attendance requests.

IDCEE 2009 is represented by Ambassadors in Russia and Ukraine. the Ambassadors are responsible for all local activities under IDCEE promotion, registration, start-ups, investors and partners’ involvement.

The first partners of IDCEE 2009 conference are SeedCamp and TheFunded.com.

Call for action

The IDCEE 2009 Executive Committee is searching for Ambassadors in non-represented countries in CEE region. To become an Ambassador in non-represented country, please contact Denis Dovgopoliy, email: dd@idcee.eu.

For all those, who are interested in different kinds of involvement and participation in IDCEE 2009, please contact us:

- Strategy and visionary issues, Ambassadors, Investors registration: Denis Dovgopoliy, dd@idcee.eu;

- Partner, Sponsor, media inquiries: Olia Binkovska-Abraham, oba@idcee.eu;

- Start-up registration: Nikolay Savin, ns@idcee.eu,;

- Speakers registration: Gleb Kaplun, gk@idcee.eu,;

- CleanTech sector representative: Ruslana Deykun, rd@idcee.eu,;

- Life Science & BioTech sector representative: Yuri Oreshin, yo@idcee.eu;

- Russia regional Ambassador: Alexander Kolesnikov;


IDCEE 2008 facts and numbers:

IDCEE 2008 was a part of BlogCamp CEE 2008 conference. The audience totaled to 821 participants from 16 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Norway, the Netherlands, the USA, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Israel, and Georgia) and consisted of 87 sessions in 6 sections for 40-200 people each.

Investor Day 2008 was focused on TMT and gatheres the general audience of 400 participants, hosting 3 investor sessions with 10 presentations of start-ups. 32 investors attended the event. In total, 126 projects were submitted from 9 countries, and 30 semifinalists were selected to a main competition. The 10 finalists of 2008 were:

- Seed Stage: DomVsem, Hyppocrat, Relenta, TalkFest, Yostyler .

- Early Growth Stage: ClienteQ, DeepMemo, P-Navigator, TuneStory, allTUNEDin

The two winners of IDCEE 2008 were: Hyppocrat (Seed Stage) and ClienteQ (Early Growth Stage).

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