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пятница, 24 октября 2008 г.

А вот!

Помните Viewdle? Они ищут себе на работу людей. Если у кого есть желание, можете рискнуть. Вот подробности:
Guys, do you remember Yegor from Viewdle on a entrepreneurial panel at BlogCamp. He is hiring:
- QA Engineer:
- UI Tester:  
- Web Developer:
- Senior Java Engineer:
Feel free to ping Yegor at

Here is their self-description:
Viewdle is a facial-recognition based video indexing and search platform. It combines technology from video, audio, and text indexing to deliver a semantically accurate video search experience. Viewdle is looking inside every frame to identify and deliver factual, contextually-relevant results at a level of granularity not possible with existing video search tools. Viewdle launched in September 2007 at TechCrunch40 in San Francisco where it was one of the 40 presenters selected from 800+ start-ups worldwide. Since then the company has expanded beyond white-label B2B offering to consumer-facing widgets and facebook application for organizing personal videos.
Viewdle was a "Best Technology Innovation/Achievement" Crunchies 2007 Award finalist. The Company was also selected from among 45 contenders to be one of the eight presenting companies for Venture Night at the LIFT08 conference held in Geneva, Switzerland February 2008. Most recently Viewdle was named the 2008 Start-Up of the Year in Europe by the Plugg Conference. Viewdle technology is currently used by ThomsonReuters.

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