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пятница, 24 января 2014 г.

European 100K€ Tech Startup Competition

We are happy to announce the launch of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, the biggest international tech-startup competition to connect and empower young european innovators. With more than 500K€ in prizes and 100,000€ for the grand winner (equity free), the challenge is opens to startups/students/entrepreneurs in 5 tech tracks: IT-Com, Big Data, Biotech/Medtech, Robotics/Hardware and Energy. The Hello Tomorrow Challenge is an unique combination of local events worldwide (55 ambassadors in 36 countries), mentoring, and competition. We are backed by more than 50 incredible international jury members (Eben Upton, from Raspberry Pi, Bill Liao from SOS Ventures, Massimo Banzi from Arduino, Henri Seydoux from Parrot and many more...) and great accelerators/networks/universities/research centers from all over Europe.

It's a great opportunity to accelerate their projects and give them an international visibility. Application deadline is January 29th - http://www.hello-tomorrow.org/apply.html.

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