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вторник, 13 марта 2012 г.

Интриги, скандалы, расследования... AmBAR LOST the lawsuit!

As we have reported before, last year we discovered that AmBAR’s current leadership, including its President Andrey Kunov, used AmBAR’s name to engage in a flagrant scam peddling fake “Stanford  Certified Training” to unsuspected Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh entrepreneurs for a sum of $12,000 each.  Soon thereafter, AmBAR filed a 50 page lawsuit against us asking for over $1 million in damages.

On March 9, 2012, the Honorable Judge McKenney of the Santa Clara Superior Court  granted our special  motion to dismiss AmBAR’s claims and ruled that AmBAR’s lawsuit was intended solely to intimidate us
into silence and to divert attention from its own involvement in the Stanford Scam. The Judge specifically ruled that AmBAR’s lawsuit attempted to stifle our freedom of speech and that there was no probability of AmBAR prevailing on its claims.

The Judge further requested us to prepare a motion for sanctions against AmBAR in the amount of legal fees we had to spend defending against AmBAR’s frivolous lawsuit.

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