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понедельник, 1 июля 2013 г.

Как надо прощаться с юзерами

Hi there Denis,

Yes, yes, the subject of this email is correct, the moment has come, your faithful and favorite sync service is going to shut down.

Wait what?

Yeah, for real. Soon Soocial sync will be turned off for all our dear users. The background about the decision is explained better in a full blog post here: read our blog for the full story.

So what now?

Since you’re a free user not soo much - except that on July 31st your address books won’t be syncing anymore.

If there are any backups you need to download please do so before that date.

Yours truly and happily,
The (ex-)Soocial team.

PS. In case you are wondering how we feel about this as a team - we could pretend total devastation and use many words to explain our heartache and that this is painful bla bla bla - but actually we are keen to start the next chapter fully and wholeheartedly - so it’s not too bad for us as a team and we are keen to move on. Thanks for asking. ;-)

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