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воскресенье, 1 ноября 2009 г.

Визит голландцев

This introduction is to support a request for a meeting and/or an interactive session with a group of top cross media specialists who will be visiting Kiev in November 2009.

The Dutch New Media and Investors Trip to Kiev

The Dutch New Media and Investors Trip for innovators and new media companies offers participants the possibility to explore business opportunities abroad. Previous years we have travelled to Russia, China, India and the USA. From November 18-21, 2009 we will visit Ukraine with a group of 10 entrepreneurs, marketing executives and venture capitalists. Goal of the Dutch New Media and Investors Trip is to exchange knowledge and seek business cooperation with companies in the Ukraine.

Why the Dutch Delegation has an interest in Ukraine

Following the last visit to Russia the group developed a keen interest into Ukraine. A market we believe to have great opportunities as the Ukraine is becoming a major service provider in the software, gaming and new media product developments. Also many start-up have great ideas but are in need for seed capital.

What are our interests?

Goal is to establish qualitative contacts, explore potential business opportunities and to exchange knowledge with Ukraine’s new media and web 2.0 markets?

The delegation is interested in getting to know:

- Mobile market and applications developments

- Internet developments

- Software development outsourcing opportunities

- Economic, political and cultural developments

- Opportunities for Western products

Within these areas we would like to meet with the most successful market players, the most innovative concepts and/or the most inspiring leaders of the market of Ukraine. Following are just a few names and companies we would like to meet. Of course we would very much appreciate suggestions.

Max Ischenko of the Developers Platform; Anton Rudich and his X-Tend; Yakaboo; Owox; Iland and Yuriy Vlasyuk; Prostoprint and Futbolka from Denis Oleynikov, Investors such as Privatbank, Webstream of Maxon Pugovsky, Teleperformance of Bart Kuijper and VC people like Denis Dovgoupoly and Dmitri Popov.

When & Where

The delegation will visit Kiev and has the following schedule.

Wednesday 18 November arrival in Kiev, company visits

Thursday 19 November company visits

Friday 20 November company visits, Crash Test Pecha Kucha network conference

Saturday 21 November site seeing Kiev, back to Amsterdam

Appointments last in general 2 hours for introductions, presentations, Q&A and tour of company.

Dutch New Media Investors Trip delegation members

All participants are leaders in their field of business and President or CEO of their respective companies and well known entrepreneurs in the Dutch market.

- Erik Aeyelts Averink - Venture Capitalist - CEO, Yarra

- Ronald van den Hoff - Enterprise2.0 specialist, ICT/Web trend-strategist, VC and serial entrepreneur

- Bas Godska - E-business strategist worldwide - CEO, Gogol

- Tom van Halteren - Online Media Professional - CEO, Tommedia.

- Bas van de Haterd - Online marketer, entrepreneur in new media, labor market and recruitment.

- Ben Holewijn - Recruitment in IT, Telecom, Internet & (New) Media - CEO, New People

- Ramses van Hövell - E-marketing and digital media strategist - COO, Gogol

- Dorrit Gruijters - Business network generator - Partner InterimIC, CEO Coincide

- Gijs van den Broek - Ebusiness strategist - eCommerce stream leader Russia & Ukraine, TUI

- Mathys van Abbe - Internet entrepreneur - CEO Toading, Mobypicture and Startpix

- Rob Kurver - VoIP and hosted voice entrepreneur - CEO Voipro

- Jacob Admiraal - Internet entrepeneur since 1992 - initiator 247CPM

- Herman Mentink - Entrepreneur & marketeer - TaaKawa International BV & HWMH

- Klaas Joosten - Online marketing solutions provider – CTO, Mbuyu & M4n

- Company Websites of participants include; www.newpeople.nl, www.mindz.com, www.rectec.nl, www.gogolmedia.com, www.milkorsugar.com, www.recruitmentmatters.nl, www.coincide.nl, www.personalbrand.nl, www.interimic.com.

Advantages for the Ukraine’s counterparts

The Netherlands is one of the strongest creative and new media markets in Europe with two international media events, The Next Web & Picnic, taking place in Holland. The fixed and mobile broadband penetration is one of the highest in the world enabling Dutch consumers to easily accept new media applications. The Netherlands has long been a trading nation and the whole economy is focused on international relationships making it is easy for international companies to work with Dutch enterprises.

The delegation members are well acquainted with the media developments and will be great discussion partners during the meeting about future developments and will be good potential business partners or investors.

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  1. Привет,

    а где именно и будет проходить это мероприятие и какое расписание?
    Я попытался узнать тут
    а тут вообще ни слова

    Или отменили из-за всем известных событий на Украине?

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